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Same Sex Attraction

Not all of my friends are straight, and many of my male friends are gay. In many ways, I find it easier to talk to my gay friends and they don’t seem to have a big problem with me working for escorts in London. In fact, I feel that I can be totally open and straight with them and that is a really great feeling. Some of my colleagues at London escorts are surprised that I have so many gay friends, but there seems to be something about me that attracts me to them and the other way around as well. Putting your finger on what it is, is not that easy.

A few of the guys who work for male escorts in London are bisexual, and I am sure that if my friends at London escorts spoke to them, they would get some sort of insight into same sex attraction. For instance, I think that there are some men who are more comfortable talking to other men, and I think that is one of things that they find attractive about each other. A Greek philosopher once said that there is nothing so attractive as a good conversation, so it has to be true.

Also, I think that there are genetic reasons. When I look at a man, I for instance find strong arms very attractive. Many of my friends at London escorts feel exactly the same way, and it could be that is the way we are drawn, and to do with our feminine genes. Homosexual men have feminine genes switched on as it were, and it could be that they feel the same way. Like I say to my friends at escorts in London, take a look at a gay guy and you feel often see that he has his shirt sleeves rolled up. Could there be something to that theory?

I also think that a lot of gay men have a different skill set. For instance, most gay guys that I have known, have been very good at cooking, and I think that is another thing that may make them more attractive to other men. Some men like to be taken care of and that is fine. One of my gay friends love to cook for me when I have had a long week at London escorts, and then we have nice chat about my week at escorts in London. It is a really great combination, and it is a bit like talking to a wife.

There is nothing wrong to fancy somebody from your own sex. Sometimes I met women who I find very attractive and I do want to kiss them. I keep wondering if our sexuality isn’t transitional at the end of the day, and we make too big of a deal of it. We should just accept each other as human beings. I think that would make life a lot simpler, and we would have less conflict in the world. I love all of my gay friends and they seem to be totally comfortable around me as well. Maybe I am bisexual, but to eb fair, I am not going to worry about it.

London escorts time travel

Were we that sexually different in the 17th century? It appears not, and sex was still an important part of daily life. People fantasized about sex and talked about sex but virginity was not such an easy. After all, women married a lot younger which meant they lost their virginity. Despite all of this, it is very likely many had sex before marriage. Reading accounts from that period of time, there is no mention of London escorts but there were indeed services for gentlemen to use. History may still reveal that there was some kind of London escorts service but we may have to look through a gentleman’s diary.

The fact is that back in the 17th century there were probably plenty of London escorts. But, it is important to remember that many members of British society spoke French. So instead of looking for London escorts maybe we should look for London courtesans. Courtesans at that time were popular in so called higher society and you will often find that there are many notes referring to courtesans. In fact, many gents seem to have been attending dinners and functions with their courtesans when they wives were “indisposed”. In that case it means that sex and society in 17th century London wasn’t very much different from society of 21st London.

As a matter of fact, it seemed that many fine gents had a habit of dating certain courtesans or London escorts. The London escorts of the 17th century used to accompany their gents to dinner parties and even go for walks in the park with them. “Riding out” with your favorite London escorts was not that unusual neither. Gents used to take their ladies out for a carriage rid in places like Hyde Park or many other places around London. It was often known as taking the air or promenading. I wonder what else they got up to?

Where there such a thing as London escorts agencies? In fact, there were agencies of many kind in London around that time. However, it is not clear if there were any London escorts agencies. Some historians believe that they may have had a different names but there were certainly places where gents could turn to to find sexy companions. Who used sexy companions? Records show that many Royals often date courtesans. Of course, they were brought into the court by other gents but were often for the amusement of the Royals. Some Royals were even well known for dating courtesans.

When did London courtesans first become London escorts? It is known very clear when the term

London escorts was first introduced. The term escort seem to have come across from the United States sometime in the 1960’s. At that time it was popular for many senior politicians and business men to date escorts. This probably still happens but morals have changed and now we more than ever expect our politicians to upstanding and righteous. The problem is that nothing much has changed. Politicians still philander and perhaps even charge their London escorts’ services to their expense accounts. I wonder if they can claim for escorts services???

Adult Sexuality In Today’s World

A lot has changed since the times that religion was the defining influential force in crafting social norms. At one time in human history, everything from dietary customs to land ownership was guided by religious institutions. Some of these dogmatic decrees had practical intentions; lack of proper food storage and the ability to keep pork products fresh for useful periods of time made Jewish and Islamic prohibition of their consumption beneficial to those communities. But as civilization has matured and individual people are more informed to exercise more self-determination, religious and social traditions are becoming increasingly perceived as unnecessarily restrictive. Nowhere is this perception as acute as when it comes to individual sexual behavior.

Marriage was at one time the only acceptable circumstance in which to engage in sexual intercourse in most cultures. The term fornication was used to describe the act outside of marriage, and it was considered one of the most sinful acts to the social and religious customs of the day. Even more offensive to these values were homosexuality and bisexuality. This is odd, because in ancient times, both forms of alternative sexuality were commonplace and practiced among the more influential members of civilization (political leaders, philosophers and soldiers of ancient Rome and Greece). But as paganism gave way to Judeo-Christian influence and Islamic dogma along with Eastern philosophic orders, sexuality became an example of moral weakness.

As with other practices, little was known about the physical and social consequences of regular sexual intercourse other than the possibility of unwanted pregnancies. But as medical and psychological literature began to shed light on healthy, sexual behavior while sciences began to observe examples of alternative sexuality in nature, people started to express a willingness to determine for themselves what constituted preferable sexual behavior and what didn’t.

The forces of traditionalism inevitably reacted. Today, in countries all over the world, those who express opinions of social progressivism feel they can decide for themselves which sexual acts are immoral and harmful better than those influences by older social customs in an ever-changing world. Those who sympathize with social traditionalism take offense at any attempt for an individual to operate sexually independent of recognized, and often discredited, social sexual traditions. The fight for homosexuals and bisexuals to have their humanity accepted despite their contrast to the majority of people has led to unfair dehumanization of their identity and their increasingly scientifically-proven natural sexual behavior. Society is starting to recognize with regard to sexual intercourse that your sexual behavior should be considered valid if you are not hurting yourself or, in any demonstrably-explicit manner, anyone else in the process. If you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone else, it doesn’t not matter what someone else thinks about your sexuality.

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